Types of House Keys and Tips for Choosing them

The door is an important part of the house. This object is a means to enter and leave the house. Anyone, both the owner, the guest, even the thief can enter through the door of the house. Because it is the main suggestion, the door is a very important part. The key to singapore cheap locksmiths makes the house only accessible to owners. Yes, even though there is no guarantee that the house will be completely safe from theft, anyway. At least, by being equipped with a house key the risk of theft can be lowered. With the key, the house can only be entered by the key owner. There are various types of door locks. Each type is different because prices and functions vary. Want to choose a door lock? Here are some key types, functions, and tips for choosing it even though you have the plan to hire cheap locksmiths singapore.

The shape of the key plate is different between inside and outside the door. On the outside, there is a keyhole that opens the door, you can press the thumb on the lever that is located above the door handle. While inside the door, there is no keyhole because when the door is rotated the door is automatically locked. If you want it to be locked, you can add Handel. This door is suitable for use in spaces that are not filled with valuables. You can install it on the bathroom door, warehouse, and so on.

For this type of door lock, the inner and outer handle is the same. The difference is, outside there is a hole for the key. This type of key model is usually used for spaces that require a special level of security, such as room space, and storage space for important documents. However, it can also be used for the entrance.