These Are Four Advantages Of Radio Compared To Other Media

Radio does have a variety of advantages, which is the reason why radio still survive today. There are many things on the radio that can make someone feel happy, one of them is because they can get the right information. You can also use the so you can listen to the radio more comfortably. The sound of the device will also make you clearer when listening to the radio.

There are reasons why radio has so many advantages compared to other media. Some of the reasons referred to here are

1. Radio provides the right and efficient target
Each radio has a different listener depending on the radio segmentation. This makes the brand become more selective in choosing the radio that the listener is in accordance with the target audience, thus the advertisement becomes more effective in promoting the product.

2. Radio can reach people in various times and places
Many people listen to the radio while doing other activities, so the radio is categorized as a medium that can reach listeners whenever and wherever. According to research, advertising will be more effective if the ad is relevant to the activities being carried out by the listener.

3. Radio is a media that has the lowest level of ad avoidance.
When listening to the radio, people rarely change one radio frequency to another radio, this allows them to listen to various messages that are conveyed via the radio. This is also an opportunity for brands that want to attract new consumers or educate existing consumers about something they don’t know through radio messages.

4. Radio has a “layered effect”
When someone sees a particular brand ad on television, then he listens to the radio that broadcasts the ad from the same brand, then there will be a layered effect on that person. That is because radio uses sound media in delivering messages, unlike television that uses visual media, so it can provide a different picture and layered effect on the brain.