The Use Of Netflix Is The Third Largest Internet Usage

Despite the fact that there are so many people who are determined to use and lend their Netflix account. After all, there’s actually no harm in not being a joint venture with Netflix subscription fees with spouses or families? Believe it is not that in its peak hours, Netflix occupies the third position of the most Internet users in the world? This beats other websites and cable broadcasts. The high use of the internet to watch Netflix usually occurs on very popular serial shows or films that have been long awaited by fans who sometimes ask how to change location on netflix. At that time, almost all users would watch at the same time and make use of the internet for Netflix very high. Yes, so the “Popular Content” section on Netflix is ??not the most popular list of films. Or even what movies and series are the most watched by users. On the other hand, Netflix made a list of the sequences of films and serials included in this “Popular Content”.

Another fact about Netflix, this series of broadcasting cables certainly has many fans. Apparently, 5 of the series occupy the top 50 of the Best Show list from around the world. The Stranger Things itself is number 16! Netflix inventor, inspired to build the Netflix company from his experience after he was required to pay a fine of US $ 40 due to the delay in returning the DVD “Apollo 13” to the DVD rental place called “Blockbuster”. Ironically, now people tend to prefer streaming movies on Netflix instead of renting a DVD and have to return it according to the time, it also makes Blockbuster stuck on the verge of bankruptcy.

One strategy from the Netflix marketing department is where they monitor pirate websites, such as BitTorrent, to find out what movies or TV series are most searched for or illegally downloaded. Then they bought it legally and put it in the Netflix database. This is one of the most brilliant strategies for gathering important information to attract new customers. Netflix beat all cable TV and TV stations in the United States with 33 million customers.