The Essential of Ramadan for Young Muslims

Every year many of Muslims in the world are welcoming the arrival of a special month in their beliefs. This special month is named Ramadan and there are so many religious points of views and activities that they do in Ramadan. There are some of essentials that young Muslims must prepare every year in Ramadan. The number one essential that young Muslims prepare in Ramadan is Quran because they will carry on the Quran so they can recite it wherever. Reciting the holy Quran is one of regular activity that many people do during the Ramadan. The other essential that is now becoming an important thing for the young Muslims is giving some of ramadan quotes to their friends.

They realize those quotes can motivate their Muslim friends to do the fasting in Ramadan. It is a must for every Muslim to help other Muslims so they can get through the hard time in their life. Some of positive and encouraging quotes will surely help the young Muslims since we all know for young people there are some of things that they can’t handle easily.

In the holy month of Ramadan there will be some of obstacles such as fighting lust and hunger. We all know that in the state of hunger and thirst sometimes human will become very emotional. We also have to see the various kinds of temptations that come from the environment. Young Muslims are still vulnerable to various kinds of temptations that come from their environment. Therefore they really have to support each other so they can overcome those temptations.

When they were kids their parents will teach them to fulfill the Ramadan fasting in one month if they want to receive special presents. Later when they become teenagers there are no longer presents for them because their parents teach them to take the Ramadan fasting as their responsibilities in life.