The Dangerous Effects of Drug Addiction

The danger of drugs is no doubt. Unfortunately, abuse of illegal drugs is increasingly prevalent in various countries around the world, including Indonesia. People know about illegal drugs as drugs which stands for narcotics, psychotropic substances and other dangerous substances. Many users of these drugs are initially tempted to experience momentary pleasure or as an escape from the problems at hand. In fact, the effects of drugs can damage health physically and psychologically. For the whole healing, then you must be able choosing drug addiction treatment-and-alcohol-rehab-centers.

Like two sides of a coin, drugs can be beneficial and dangerous for the body. If the drug used is in accordance with the rules, dosage, and under the supervision of a doctor, then its use is effective to achieve healing. Conversely, drugs can cause when misused by consuming them without the supervision of a doctor and based on inappropriate goals. That is why, there are some types of medicines that can only be consumed if recommended by a doctor, and with strict supervision. Misuse of narcotics, psychotropic drugs and other illegal drugs can cause health problems.

Disrupting the condition of the brain and body in general

Narcotics can affect a person’s ability to lead a healthy life and make the right decisions. The effect of these drugs can take place in the long term.

Changes in nerve cells in the brain

Repeated consumption of drugs in the long term can trigger nerve cells change in the brain, which then interferes with communication between nerve cells. Even after consumption is stopped, the effect will take a short time, to be completely lost.


The danger of drug types of ecstasy, the effect can cause dehydration, as well as electrolyte imbalance. This then causes users to experience seizures, panic attacks, hallucinations, chest pain, and aggressive behavior. If used in the long term, it can damage the brain.