Here Are Some Tips To Maintain Air In A Clean Room

the air in the house must be clean so that the health quality of the occupants can always be maintained local service. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that the use of an air conditioner can make the air in their room very dirty because of the many germs and microorganisms that are in the dirty air conditioner. So, the services of aircon servicing will be needed to make the air conditioner always clean.

Many people feel that the air conditioner only needs to be cleaned when it is very dirty. Even though cleaning regularly will keep the quality of the air conditioner awake and you can also get air in a nice and clean room. Below are some tips that you can do to keep the air in the room clean.

– Decorative plants
Plants can function as room decorations while increasing air quality in the room because they absorb pollutants and drain oxygen. Some types of plants for biofilter suitable for use indoors include spider ornamental plants, tongue-in-law, dracaena and aloe vera.

– Open the window
This method is very simple but many are lazy to do it. Open the window at morning until at least 11 noon so that the air in the room circulates. The room that gets enough sunlight is healthier because the sun will reduce the growth of fungi in addition to killing some types of bacteria and viruses.

– Reduce incandescent lights
Incandescent lights convert about 90 percent of the total energy to heat when emitting light. This affects the air quality in the room directly, one of which makes the room stuffy. Reducing the use of incandescent lights will reduce air temperature. Use energy-saving lighting products of this type of LED that can reduce heat and reduce electricity bills.

– Clean the air conditioner regularly
In the air conditioner filter, of course there are many bacteria and various microorganisms that can pollute the air and make the air in the room dirty. So, make sure that you clean the air conditioner regularly.