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Tips For Opening A Hard Pipe Connection

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One of the obstacles that you face most often, after detecting damage is when opening the spare part that we will repair, namely the bolt or the hard pipe connection, which takes time and effort in doing it. A hard pipe connection may be caused by the old pipe age or rust, which is what makes the thread on the pipe sticky and hardens. Aside from that, check out the best and recommended professional plumber singapore at cheap rate near your area too!

Well, for this problem I want to share experiences for fellow technicians if it can be useful and useful. Usually, in dealing with bolts or hard pipe joints, I use wind oil as a panacea for hard pipe bidders. In addition to oil as rubbing oil, the wind turns out to be useful for opening a hard pipe connection and I have proven it myself.

My usual steps when getting into trouble with a hard connection pipe are by:

Pour or drop wind oil on a hard pipe joint.

Let stand for five to ten minutes.

Tap gently using a small hammer (commonly called a hammer) on the pipe connection that you want to open. Don’t tap it too hard if you don’t want to cause any damage at all.

Gently open the pipe joint, if it still feels hard you should do it by opening the lid (played slowly) this means that the thread is not damaged.

When it is open, double check the connection pipe whether there is a defect or not, while you clean the drat on the pipe, so that when you close it the thread is not worn or damaged.

I have not studied with certainty, why wind oil can be useful for opening hard pipe joints, my interpretation is menthol contained in wind oil because I know menthol is useful as a warmer and is cold.